How to stop users from completing their own request?

Answered David Registro 5 years ago

Trying to get users to stop completing their requests, as there is an issue where they close it and we are not aware. So we didn't get the opportunity to ensure they're all ok now.

Is there a way to stop them from completing their requests?


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Hello, David,

according to automation rules the agents in your team who are subscribed to a ticket get notifications (via email or right in agent interface) about new ticket status.

So responsible agent is always aware that issue is closed on user's behalf and can check whether a requester is ok.

In case you experience the issue with getting notifications on new statuses, please let me know and I'll try to help you.

Kind regards


Hi Liza, that is correct, we get notified IF we actually own the ticket.

We've had cases where a client raises a ticket, then quickly closes it. Nothing was assigned so we were not notified.

Then days later they re-open the ticket.

It then looks like the user created a ticket and no one had actioned it when then makes it look like we missed the SLA.

Is there a way to stop users from completing their tasks?




Hi, David,

you can hide Complete option for users on the ticket page with custom css and js in your custom theme.

If you require our assistance with it, please reach us to [email protected].

Best regards


Thanks Liza. Yeah it will be a while before we get around to doing custom CSS, I know the team over here doesn't have the time. But once they get around to it, i'll let you know if any issues.


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