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How to assign an agent to different groups?

Declined Peter M. 7 years ago

Our support team consists of several groups: support (english), support (spanish), support (german), sales (german), sales (international) etc. Every agent (1) is member of several groups (n).

Is it correct, that UseReponse does not support this 1:n-relation? What would you recommend us?

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Hi Peter,

At this moment an agent can be the member of only one group.

Our team is discussing the possibility of implementing this feature.

Have a good day.


Hi Liza,

please let me specify Peter´s request for your discussion:

We are currently sending automatic replies in the language of the request which we receive.

Therefore, the requests are assigned a group, e.g. support (german).

However, all requests (of all groups) are listed in a mutual inbox, as our support team members speak several languages.

They pick the request which matches their expertise.

Best regards,



Thanks for your clarification.

We'll discuss this internally during next several days.



During discussion of your idea we've come to some decision.

But it's really important to know how do you automatically divide incoming e-mails on different languages (by subject, body, smth else)?


Hello Liza

Thank you so much for asking me! Here is our current setting:

We work with three email accounts. Each email is used for one language: service@ > German, support@ > English, soporte@ > Spanish. Our clients can write directly to one of theses emails. They receive an auto-reply in their language. In this auto-reply they find up to five links to articles in the knowledge base of their language. The links are generated by keyword search. Some clients send us a "resolved"-mail, before we could answer, because one of the proposed articles solved their problem.

Our current helpdesk and our manual is three-lingual: German, English, Spanish. If a client is filling out a form in the English interface he gets automatically an English autoreply. (We offer feedback forms even in our manual.)

Our website is multilingual (6 languages). On several pages we are offering contact forms. Their content is sent to one of the three emails mentioned above.

We are running two Facebook accounts, one for German speaking customers, one for Non-German speaking customers. (I don't know whether UR can manage two FB-accounts.)

Kind regards,



Hello Peter,

All mentioned is feasible and couldo be set up in UseResponse and you wont need 1:not groups relations of your support agents. You would need just another 2-3 more groups and it would be more straightforward in the system.

So there would be specific language groups of support and specific groups that speak international. The visibility would be set like you want, so international would see all tickets and those with group would see in group and without group.

In automation rules you can setup who would receive notifications on specific mailbox and set groups to the tickets.

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