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Higher ticket priorities restricted to specific user (groups)

Archived Helge Klein 7 years ago

I like what you have done with ticket rules. With 3.2.2 they have become very powerful.

One thing I am missing is related to ticket priorities:

We are a software startup looking at offering paid 24/7 premium support. Response times will depend on the ticket priority. We are planning to offer four priorities, from regular to critical.

Unfortunately, the default priority field is boolean. I worked around that by making it private and creating a new priorities field of type select. That seems to work nicely.

However, I only want paying customers to be able to open critical tickets. That is because we are using a service like Pagerduty to notify technicians of critical tickets 24/7, and we only want that to happen if the customer is entitled to paid support.

So the questions really is:

How can I limit higher ticket priorities to certain user (groups)?



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Hello Helge,

There would be a solution for your use case, but not now. Default system priorities can be either normal or low, as most likely users will always select high if we provide that option.

So in your case you should do the following. Go to Administration - Properties - Tickets and switch off Priority. Then create custom field - select with Name Priority like you already did.

In the next version, we'll add in conditions under Contact Email to select which role user has to set actions, so you'll set up actions for specific user role. But it won't affect visibility. It would only set assignment, based on user role.

I doubt that it would be easy to make universal way to distribute visibility of specific field to specific users, as the application of this method is custom, and is not widely used.

Maybe you have the idea how to make it to work in a smooth way in the system.

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