Google not searching /feedback

Kapil Marwaha shared this question 4 years ago


(1) I see that once the subscription expired, google stopped indexing the pages on the very next day, mainly necause of a 301 redirect from to ??

(2) Please see this screen shot attached from the webmaster tools.


(3) The .htaccess file of /feedback may be causing this since that day. I am attaching the same file also. (extension changed to .txt as was not being accepted here.

Can you please check and update me as to what needs to be changed.

Thanks & Best Regards !


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Hello Kapil,

htaccess seems to be fine so expired subscription is not connected to google indexing. 301 redirect is fine to use, as Google should identify these 2 websites with www and without www to be one website.

So it's more you need to setup in Google Webmaster to work correctly, as we don't see any problems on our end.

In order for us to review in more details, you need to have latest version of the system with support plan.


And by the way - your pages are in google index.


Hello Stas,

  1. Why are self hosted modules not connected to google indexing ? Why would any one buy the self hosted module if this was the case? This was never told or mentioned any where before and is very wrong. There is no point being self hosted at all.
  2. The 301 permanent direct is not fine at all, as google is not indexing the pages as they are being redirected. I have made about 400 pages on the feedback modules and my rest of the pages are just about 24-25. Total pages indexed by google are 29 ??ea2c13f26715c102876a6a451a1e5f55
  3. The 301 redirects are leading away from important www pages which is not acceptable to google. See the example below:-
    URL and linked pages submitted to indexGooglebot type: Desktop (render requested)alertRedirected on Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 7:02:30 AM PDTThis URL redirected to:
    Also, see the screen shot attached showing the errors with the feedback page > f46cf1985c852b591d951cde68a95cee
    4. We had a small team when we bought your product and did not know exactly how to go about things. As we get a bigger team, marketing team I find that we have not been on google all this time, in-spite of all the effort. Our feedback pages just don't show up on any search.
    5. Please help us with .htaccess to correct the 301 redirect as this is really causing too many issues and difficult for us to resolve without disturbing the set up.
    6. As of the 4-500 pages only a couple of feedback pages are indexed.
    Thanks !


Please see my previous message (best Answer) which I have edited.. Thanks.


Hello Kapil,

We always stated that 1st year of updates and support is included in price and if you want to get updates o upgrade and support for 1 year, you need to pay one time fee to get 1 more year.

As our solution grow from year to year, we do more features in the system that could be found in our Release Notes that you can track what is changed from current version you have till latest 3.4.3 release.

We never had problems with google indexing, and your case is something specific that we need to spend time on review especially when version of the system is really out of date and that requires your support plan to be active.

All articles, topics in the system are shown in google index and you can check it in google index of topics added to our system. Also your .htaccess file seems to be fine and I don't see any problems with it.

So in order for us to assist you, you would need to renew your subscription and update to the latest version. Then we would organize the session and assist you what's going on with google webmaster and settings of the community.

Hope the answer finds your understanding.