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Get rid of two methods for closing tickets

Completed Jirka Menion Mlavec 8 years ago

I know I opened maybe two private tickets for this topic, but now - we are four people in team who work with new help desk ticketing system. And no one from us understand why it works as it works.


Topics - list of statuses (for example problem has "known", "in progress", etc..) and every status has "Object state" value - "Opened"/"Closed"

Tickets - list of statuses like in case of topics. But instead of automatically apply same system - "Object state" like in topics, you have to do one extra step - close ticket manually by one extra button. Why??

Suggest to keep this request open for voting. Sorry for bothering again with this, but you still have four guys in Czech who are very confused with it and who later one by one click on "not yet closed tickets" and close them (which cause extra sending emails, extra work, etc etc...)

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Since 3.4 release we've decided to stick to management of tickets with only statuses. In Administration area, under Statuses, you can create new statuses, but we've added 5 predefined statuses:

  1. Opened - default status when ticket is created;
  2. On Hold - no protected and could be removed if not required, but can be used in automation;
  3. Awaiting Reply (protected) - use this status while you comment to your customer and awaiting customer reply. When customer replies to the ticket, ticket get's into opened status automatically;
  4. In Progress - could be removed if not required;
  5. Completed (protected) - once ticket is completed and user replies, ticket will go automatically into opened status if specified setting is switched on Help Desk settings page.

In general, all statuses are connected to object state, so objects are either completed or opened, so while changing the statuses, you should assign the state object would be converted to.


Ooooh finally. Whole Asamm team will really love this. We should finally end never-ending discussion about purpose of these two options :). Thank you!

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