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Gather global satisfaction feedback on product through widget

Archived Mathieu Louison 4 years ago

The Idea

"UseResponse provides the possibility to send satisfaction surveys once ticket got resolved, topic was completed or chat was answered"

What I would like to see in the widget is the possibility to launch campaigns of global product satisfaction ratings, not only focused on UseResponse closed items (tickets, ideas, questions, etc..)

In (satisfaction) mode, the user is asked, “How likely would you be to recommend {organization name} to a friend or colleague?” They can choose a score between 0—10.

Report based on customer replies

  • Report built around your users' responses to the Satisfaction widget.

The Question should be Customized

  • The question should fit the actual rating system... like "What's your feeling with the global website performance ?" "Rates the ergonomy of the website"

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Thank you for this great idea. We'll discuss this idea with the team this month


We have added this to our shortlist of new features


Great ! Thx


After internal discussion, we see that this feature is a bit different from what UseResponse provides to customers as it will require building extra features in management, analytics, new type of feedback, new widgets, etc.

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