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Completed Carmen 6 years ago

When browsing if I open a topic to read it and then go back to browsing, I always arrive at the first page...Very annoying! I would like to continue from where I was.

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Hi, Carmen

One of your users has already contacted us concerning this issue.

We'll fix it on Tuesday.

By the way the issue is reproduced in your environment as you use the 3d Useresponse version (while the latest one is 4th version).

Thank you.


Hello, Carmen

As I've mentioned in my previous comment the bug is reproduced only in your environment because of running 3.3 version.

We provide fixing only critical issues (e.g. security issues) for customers with outdated versions.

In order to get fix, you need to update UseResponse to the latest 4.012 version.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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