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Feature Request: Force people to choose what type of request they want to open

Completed Heinlein Support 7 years ago


We've been noticing that many people submit "ideas" if "idea" ist the first kind of request / the default. Recategorizing everything is quite a lot of work for the agents.

We would greatly appreciate something like:

  • People enter a title for their new request.
  • The drop-down menu says "Choose ...." and it's mandatory to open it.
  • Underneath they find "idea", "problem" etc.

Do you reckon this is possible?

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We have discussed this option and think that it's reasonable to implement it, as sometimes we see users just submit not within the valid type.

Though, it's really easy to convert it into other type with 2 clicks especially in 4.0 beta release


Would be cool, I'm looking forward to 4.0 beta


This feature is finally available in 4.0.x version. In order to use it, go to Administration - Fields & Properties and set type of the topic to be required.

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