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Feature request: Admin can add expiration date to topics

Archived Heinlein Support 6 years ago

Hello!It would be a nice feature to have an expiration date for topics. Agents could then keep the feedback forum clean in the sense that feature requests which are going to be solved in x days are automatically purged after x+n days.

Do you have any such plans? Would be highly appreciated around here.

Kind regards!

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If you want to set due on date for the topic, please go to Administration - Properties - Topics и create custom field with the date type. Then select notification on that date if you want to get notifications on it.

This way, once you create idea or someone creates it, select due on date in Properties widget of topics page, and once you get notification on specific topic, just put it in the archive.

Otherwise, you can use Auto-Archive option in Administration - Feedback if there was no activity for specific number of days.

This way, you would keep community clean.

But we'll try to bring more automation into this process in UR4.


Expiration of topic could be done using automation. Just need to add trigger to say that it should be archived after 30 days when it was created or set any number of days.

The only bad side of this method is that it would be done for all ideas.

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