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Embed Yellowfin reports into the Community

Archived Nathan Schroeder 4 years ago


We have recently expanded our ability to report on some of the products/databases we use internally, and have created a few reports that have become quite beneficial to our day-to-day support. These can be fairly complex on the back-end, join multiple data sources, will most likely be modified over-time, and are not possible to create within the current Community setup.

Would it be possible for you to provide us a space to embed our own Yellowfin reports within the Community?

At the simplest, these reports can be embedded with basic javascript tags:

This will currently prompt you with a log-in to our application before displaying the report, but could eventually be expanded to a tighter SSO integration through our JS-API.

Please let me know your thoughts.



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Hello, Nathan,

sorry for the late reply.

First of all we need to discuss internally all possible security risks that could occur in case we provide a space for our customers to embed their own reports with js code.

I'll keep you informed about the results of our discussion.

Kind regards

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