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Do not set auto subscribe to new company members

Completed Lee Roquet 7 years ago

It would be nice to not have new company department team members automatically be assigned to new posts in the system. We have our support desk agents that handle all posts and tickets but when we add a new member of our team to the Community they are automatically turned on to receive notifications and get auto subscribed. If we add a member of our sales or development team to the community, we do not need them to be assigned to the post.

Can you add the ability to turn on or off the notify when adding a new company team member? This way you can set this up when entering a new user and not have to then go to the Admin > Feedback > Notification area. Or, by default do not auto-assign anyone who is not an agent.

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Hello Lee,

It can be done in the upcoming 4.0 release with the help of Automation Rules.


Nice thanks Alex




It's a part of 4,0 release already. Set up Automation Rules and in Actions of the Trigger set your notifications based on Conditions

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