Difference between Notification and Inbox?

Answered Peter M. 6 years ago

In the navigation pane one finds below the section "Reports" the section "Notification". We came to the conclusion that "Reports" > "Inbox" would be the best standard view to use for us.

Would we miss any advantage if we ignore the "Notification" section of UR?



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Inbox and Notification center are totally different in handling customer support.

Inbox represents the whole activity of your community. And you can update Inbox report as you like.

Notification center is designed to inform each agent separately about where he should be notified about and what he should pay attention to.

So if you would use just Inbox without Notification Center, you would definitely need to check your mailbox for new system notifications if you require them. If your workflow doesn't include any notifications from the system and agents take new requests, you can use just Reports section.


We have just added an article explaining what is notification center and how it can be used here https://help.useresponse.com/knowledge-base/article/notification-center-for-support-agents

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