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Categories visible on every page

Viktoria Polyakova shared this idea 8 years ago

Now categories structure is visible only at the main page, and when to select one of the category it's structure is rather uncomfortable with repeating items in every category - ideas,problems,questions,thanks.

It will be great if categories are visible on every page like Uservoice have and if their structure will be more easy. For example it may be implemented this way:

At the left block at first will go Categories:

  • All Categories
  • Category1
  • Category2
  • Category3

Then will go block with subcategories:

  • All responces
  • Ideas
  • Problems
  • Questions
  • Thanks

When one of the categories is selected then selected subcategory is related to this category.All statuses(Under consideration, Declined, etc.) that are now visible in main structure may be not visible here but only in filter, that I think is quite enough.

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As of now, we don't have plans for that, but will consider it for future releases. But as system goes with open code, it's pretty easy to built filter system in categories module like you've stated. Though, let's see opinions why your approach is better than ours!

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