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Maarten shared this idea 7 years ago
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It would be cool if a user could create an (annotated) screenshot of the current page. Something like the tool that uses would be an exceptional addition to give the often necessary context to the idea/problem/question somebody is asking.

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Hello Christophe,

We don't have it in our roadmap and you can embed video in topics, kb, comnents that can be similar to screencasts.

Thank you for your idea



I think you misunderstood me or maybe I did not expressed my idea clearly.

The one-click screencast it's for the user of the forum/helpdesk.

I'm writing a message now about my problem and I can click a button to record in 10secs a screencast of the problem and it will be automatically attached to my ticket, you know?

1. Click the 1-Click Record-Screencast button

2- User record the screencast via (with voice if we want)

3- The screencast is automatically associate with the ticket

Easy like that.

Zendesk have a feature like that and Balsamiq support use the Screenr 1click screencast feature too:



Hello,Thank you for clarification. I'll put it in consideration status for future features to integrate screenr service, but as of now, it's not in the roadmap.


Wow, seems to be the best addon for UR.


Thank you for sharing idea. We don't have plans to include it in our roadmap, nor plans to develop it, but we'll consider for future big releases, when we identify the usage of that feature based on votes and requests.


We are now building plans to include that feature in 4.0 release, but still thinking of it's implementation.

Please share your thoughts: should we create ticket and add one more widget for integration on any page of website?

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