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Add support for SugarCRM

Archived Blake Robertson 9 years ago

Would like to see an integration that can push tickets from UR to SugarCRM (one way).

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Thanks for the idea. We'll consider it after 3.0 release when we work more on integration. No plans as of now, but there is Module Development Guide to follow if someone wants such integration and API.


Hi Stas,

Could you point me in the right direction as to how one would write a module that would provide such an integration. I'm having a hardtime with the terminology.

How do you implement something that will post information when something is added to a ticket? (ie what classes do I override and how do I do that in an upgrade safe way)... I tried seeing if examples were on github to learn from but there weren't any.

When is V3 going to be released?

Also, i'm wondering how I could override the user signup flow to to call a method which would return true or false... If true the user is allowed to create an account automatically, if false, then the user has to be confirmed by a moderator.



You can follow our API SDK and Developer Manual for integration, but you better do this in Corporate package using Single Sign on to integrate user accounts

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