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Add ability to set the priority for requests submitted by customer.

Declined Dmitry Martsinkevich 6 years ago

Use case: Customer submit 10 ideas to feedback system.

Problem: You don't know what are the preferable features from the list customer requested. One vote for each case doesn't reflect the importance of feature wanted and priority that customer wants.

Solution: It would be good if prioritizing functionality can be added to the platform. So for example when user submits many ideas they would be able to choose priority between features they requested.

Example: receptive.io has good example of such feature. Pic attached

Realization of how I see that: Once customer starts system provides her with 10 "credits" that she can submit towards selected "idea" topics. If customer votes for 2 topics she can redistribute her credits between those 2 ideas. Each new vote add 2 additional credits to redistribute. So if customer votes for 5 features, system gives her 10+4*2 = 18 credits to redistribute. I think it should be 2 credits because active voters should have bigger influence to the ideas pool. Once idea is completed / archived system redistribute customer's credits automatically between other ideas selected by customer and deduct credits according the rules. Credits number should be not less then 10 in such cases.

Filter "popular" should be completed by credits, not by votes number. System administrator should have ability to see exact number of credits for each idea topic.

Quite a big feature i believe but VERY cool one.

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Hello Dmitry,

In order to resolve the stated problem, you don't need to invent a bike :)

Just add custom field Importance and populate it to the ideas form, so users would select the priority.

The described method is pretty complicated for user to understand it, so it won't work in most cases.

For enterprise customers we have module that gives multiple votes for ideas and limits number of votes to be given for ideas during 1 month period, but this is also custom use case.

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