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Ability to set From Email and From Name to the user posting the response

Completed Robert Sampson 7 years ago

Rather than have to explicitly specify a From Email and From Name under Administration --> Mailing --> Outgoing, I would prefer the option of having the emails come from the email address and name of the person that is submitting the comment.

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Hello Robert,

To set from email of user that makes an action technically is not possible, as there would be collisions and emails most likely get in trash or spam folder as mail server and user email would be different.

We already have option for tickets to set "From Name". That way user and agents would receive notifications from those users who actually made an action (added ticket or comment in ticket), but outgoing email would be one that is set in Mailing. Setting for tickets could be turned on in Administration - Help Desk.

As for topics, as they are considered mostly to be public, it would be reasonable to leave it as it's now - send it from community name as users can collaborate with each other.

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