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Setup Support & Knowledge Base

Archived Paul Wilson 15 months ago

Hi Team,

So to setup Help Desk & Knowledge Base, we simply create a new "Community Portal", and select the specific URL we wish to use?

As per this URL -

I want to understand where these types of posts are shown

  • Ideas
  • Problems
  • Questions
  • Tickets

Are they used in ALL systems or specific it varies?


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Hi Paul,

Yes, you add specific URL in Administration - Support Channnels - edit community portal.

All types that can be enabled or disabled are used in all community portals. But in some portals you can enable widgets and navigation in Administration - Interface - Home Screen or disable them, but if you enable ideas - they will be used in all portals.


Hi Stas,

So with this in mind, rather than having a community that has all features we could configure it to have a community for each?

  • Feedback
  • Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base


Hi Paul,

Yes, correct, you can have separate community portals to gather customer feedback and to deliver customer support.

Here is a video tutorial and a very detailed article about Setting up Multiple Forums & Communities.



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