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Update Support Agents on Specific Number of Votes

Archived Lennert Sallmann 3 years ago

Support agents should receive email notification when specific number of votes is received for idea in order to make decision on further progress of this idea.

Prefferably this should be done in Automation using triggers and events.

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When a forum gets tons of new ideas, it becomes hard to manage all of them and look into every one of them. Having this feature would enable the agent-team to say "we are only looking at ideas with (let's say) 15 likes - every idea below that will not be looked at by us".

To not lose those ideas and to not have to keep in mind which ideas have how many likes - this trigger would just send a mail with a custom template "hi agent-team, this [idea] has 15 likes now, it´s time for you to check it".

That would help, managing highly frequented forums.


This feature will be available tomorrow in 6.4 release. More information about it can be read in Advanced Voting System - Alerts, Limits & Close Voting

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