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When working tickets the search will not bring back closed tickets

Archived Lee Roquet 7 years ago

Wondering if I am doing something wrong. If you are managing tickets and search, the search is only returning results across open tickets. Can you also search across closed? This would be helpful as you work on tickets.

Also, when you use the top bar filter to look at completed tickets, you can get a list of closed tickets. If you try to build a standard report to filter for all closed tickets in a date range, you get no results. Can you check to see if the managed reports returns closed items for you, might be a bug?

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Hello Lee,

We've identified the problem with search of completed tickets. It would be fixed by the next release.

As for selecting report of completed tickets on date range. In 3.2.2 we have it working correctly, see below. In demo, it's version 3.2.1, so it could be bug that we've already fixed;


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