Switching to Enterprice

Answered Petros 7 years ago

Hello, I just set up the subscription but I would like the enterprice version.

How can we switch? I didn't see any option to do it in ordering page.

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Switching to Enterprise package is done at the custom request (temporary), please send the following answers to the below questions to [email protected] and we'll prepare estimated pricing for you.

  1. What package are you interested in - Cloud or Self-Hosted;
  2. What platforms are you going to use? Feedback, Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Live Chat;
  3. Number of support agents you need to use;
  4. What enterprise features are required: Multiforum feature, Tickets Visibility, SLA Management. Branding Removal, SSO (SAML, LDAP, ADFS)

Let us know via email and we would provide you custom price for your system and provide further instructions.

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