Switch from desktop to mobile layout on mobile device

Answered Jirka Menion Mlavec 7 years ago

Good day,

I'm forwarding quite good users question: in case, user "by accident" switch on mobile device from "mobile" to "desktop" layout, how to revert back to mobile layout? I've tried it on own device and even a clear of cache does not return back.

Thank you.

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Hello Jirka,

Just closing and reopening browser would open mobile version again. Let us know about better user experience and we'll try to implement it


Good evening Stas,

this seems not to work. Even a complete close of Android mobile browser by over Android app manager doesn't help here. Fortunately "Clear cache" option in Android system > settings > apps > [[browser]] > clear cache solved this problem.

Unfortunately I do not see any good place where to put this option into desktop version. Anyway I think that it's very rare problem, so I think we should consider this case as closed. Thank you for help!

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