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Answered Danail Simeonov 6 years ago

Where i can find the function for sending notification email when the status is updated?

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Hello, Danail,

in order to send notification email when status is updated, please go to Administration - Automation&Notifications and create trigger with event "Status is Updated", required conditions and action Notify. You can send template "Change Object Status" that could be found in Administration - Email - Email Templates or create your custom template.

More information about triggers could be found in the article.

Let us know if you have more questions.


Hello, Liza,

I need the php function to use it on my custom integration.


Hello Danail,

You can use the following code as example:

// $recipient is instance of System_Model_User;
// $object is instance of System_Model_Object;
$keys = $object->getEmailValues($recipient);
$keys['previous_status'] = '';
$keys['previous_status_tpl'] = '';
Resources_Service_ApplicationMailer::send($recipient, 'change_object_status', 'resources', $keys, $object);

Let us know if you have more questions.

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