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SSO / Only use SSO

Answered Eurofins_EOL 5 years ago


Could you please describe expecting behavior of community (how I can access) using SSO compared to when Only use SSO option is enabled?


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if you disable the option "Use Only SSO Authentication", you will be able to get access to the community using SSO method along with standard and social logins. The example of login form is shown below:


In case you select to use only SSO, then you'll get access to your community using login form of the app or website you integrated with.

Let us know if you have more questions.


To disable Email notifications related to Account creation, we have to enable Only use SSO, right?

In case I enable Only use SSO, will I be able to access to Community through URL?



When users login through your application or website login form, their accounts will always be created in UseResponse.

If you disable registration emails in SSO settings, users won't be notified about the new account creation.

You can always get access to the community through URL, but clicking Login will redirect you to your app login form.

To set up OneLogin method correctly, please use these instructions.

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