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SSO login redirect

Darryn Campbell shared this question 7 years ago

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how the Single Sign On is supposed to work, but I've been unable to submit a response using the feedback tab widget. The tab widget opens and renders correctly, but when I submit the form I am redirected (within the popup) to my app's login page (as entered in the OneLogin -> External Login URL), but as I'm already logged into my app, I am simply redirected by my app to my own home page. How is the redirect back to useresponse supposed to happen (I don't see anything in the query string instructing my app where to redirect to once I authenticate the user)? Should the redirect to my login be happening in the first place? I thought all the information necessary to enter the response was encoded in the URI produced by the SSO script. What response should fetching that URI produce (currently I receive a completely blank HTTP response)?

I'm still in my corporate trial period, on version 2.3.4 (unable to upgrade, no FTP credentials), and I want to get SSO Login working before committing to purchase, since this is a key requirement for me. I am using Ruby on Rails, and have converted the PHP script from the Admin manual to Ruby, and all appears to be encoding correctly (both the PHP and my converted Ruby script produce the same URI). My OneLogin config is attached.

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Hello Darryn,

So once you login in your app, it should create cookie that stores your data to auto-authenticate in useresponse if you've done everything correctly. So if you submit the form in the widget, it should redirect you to the topic page.

BTW, since 2.3.4 we've fixed more than 10 bugs in SSO according to release notes

Demo is not environment where you need to test such features as SSO. We'll be able to assist you with that process on your server and with your integration, once you have Corporate version.


Thank you for the quick response! I now notice the sso_user cookie being set in the response to the request initiated by the SSO script, so I can only assume the issue lies in one of the bugs fixed since 2.3.4, or that this will not work at all in a demo environment. Is that true. or should I be able to at least successfully submit a response via the feedback widget if all else is done correctly? I just am going to have trouble convincing my boss to spend $500 on a product before I can prove to her that it will work the way she wants.


It should have worked in demo, if it was the latest version. We just didn't have time to upgrade it.

So submitting it using widget will work without problems.

If something goes wrong or not expected, you always have 30 days money back period after purchase.

But as I've mentioned, we'll assist you in resolving any found issues.


Understand. Thanks, the 30 day guarantee should close the deal. :-)

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