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Answered David Registro 6 years ago

Hey guys,

I've been looking implementing smart articles, e.g.

Has this article helped?

Yes | No

If the client clicks No it goes to another article. If they hit Yes. Their request gets marked as completed etc..

Is there a way to do this that I'm unable to see?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, David,

there is no built-in functionality for the use case you've described in the question. Most likely it could be developed as a custom module. Could you please clarify the following - if client clicks No, to which article he should be redirected? And what do you mean under "request gets marked as completed"?

At the moment users can vote for the article on its full page and agents can track voting statistics in Knowledge Base page under Options - Statistics - Votes.

Look forward to hear your thoughts.


Hi Liza,

When a user hits 'No' the article directed to would be something that is pre-defined in the parent article. So you would have a question that is asked.. if it's a "Yes" you decide to move to another article or mark as completed.

Same thing with "No", you decide to move to another article or even created a new one.

Should I raise this as an idea?




Hello, David,

sure you can leave this as an idea in our community.

Please correct me if I don't understand your use case clearly - user types a question or enter search query in search area of the community and related articles are displayed. Then user goes to the article with Yes/No located in the bottom of it. If click No, he would be directed to another article. But I don't realize how user can create a new one as this permission belongs to agents only.

Anyway you can share the idea with all our clients and we could gather feedback for it.

Thank you.


Yup you got it . It doesn't really need to be an article, when a user types 'no' it can go to another article, or raise a new ticket/question. The most important part of this process would be the user being directed to different articles based on 'yes' or 'no' .

Thanks will do.

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