Signed up for trial no activation key sent help

Answered duncan 7 years ago


signed up for trial yesterday, waited 24 hours checked all folders nothing, signed up again with different email, different IP , again nothing.

Can someone please tell me how to get the activation key ?

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Hello Duncan,

I think that you dont get notifications from us.

Please whitelist domain.

Your trial was activated yeaterday


HI Stas

Thank you for that, but if there is no need for an activation key why is that screen even appearing ? ( bit worrying that such a flaw has been left in during the sign up process )

From here I went to the live chat page

Where the text states

Create jabber account

I downloaded the first of the messengers, ( not sure why there is no client or web portal and why I need a messenger ) Not one option to create a jabber account, googled jabber, the domain states

June 25, 2013: We have temporarily disabled account registration at the IM service while we migrate the account database to a new machine.

So I am guessing no one will be registering a jabber account anytime soon. Im stuck the help docs clearly do not explain things clearly. Please can you advise on how to get live chat up and running without a jabber account or is it not possible ?


Hi Duncan,

You should have received activation email but you didnt because emails from our server somehow doesn't hit your inbox, so we have activated it manually for you.

As for the live chat. We provide jabber accounts on our servers. In order to set it up please refer to Live Chat instructions


Does the chat system search the KB as users type their questions ?


This is planned and would be released in about 2 months

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