requested url /loginform was not found on this server

Answered Duane Webber 6 years ago

I did a fresh install of version 4.7.4. Installation went fine and the main page appears. However, when I click on "Login" the error "requested url /loginform was not found on this server" appears. Indeed, there is no login file in the root web directory.

Please advise.

Thanks, Duane

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Hello Duane,

There are 3 possible solutions.

  • First of all make sure to enable mod rewrite in apache (if you have apache web server) - a2enmod rewrite - then restart apache
  • Also in apache configuration of domain where UseResponse is installed, make sure to have AllowOverride All
  • If you've installed UseResponse in a folder of domain, in .htaccess file make RewriteBase to be /foldername


Stas, thank you for the very quick response. It was number 2. While the directive was present and had previously worked, it was associated with the wrong folder due to changes in the conf file.


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