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Answered Sebastian Popovic 5 years ago

Is it possible to create a topic which will be visible/editable for selected group of users only (group)?

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Hello, Sebastian,

you can control ticket visibility for agents using group management.

But topics as public objects are available for all customers in the community and couldn't be hidden from a set of users. The one solution I can offer is to create a separate private forum and provide access to it for certain users.

Please describe your use case in more details so I could help you properly.

Regards, Liza


thank you LIza for the fast reply.

What I need is number of topics which are each interesting only to a certain group of users. These are mainly territorial related subjects where only users from a particular territory should have a possibility to discuss. Other users shouldn't be able to see these topics in order to avoid miscommunication.

Having a separate forum for each one of these groups would certainly be a solution, but I am not sure is it maybe overkill and how easy would this be for us to manage it?


Hello, Sebastian,

Multi-Forums feature is designed specifically to support customers all over the world by creating a separate forum for each region.

All incoming requests from different forums are managed in one backend so it shouldn't be a pain for you.

Please refer to the article about Setting up Multiple Forums & Communities.

I would be glad to help you set up forums and user access to them during remote session with screen sharing.

Please contact us to [email protected] and we schedule the session for the appropriate time.

Have a good evening!

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