Please clarify how to configure representatives and notifications

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How is the settings page /admin/topics#/notifications supposed to work?

Why can I select categories in the left column? What effect does it have?

From what I understand, it makes sense to edit the per account notification settings in the right column. But I don't see how both columns are connected...

Thanks for any hints!

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Currently it works the following way:

  • All agents notifications, subscriptions in topics are based on selected category (in 4.0 triggers would allow to select any condition);
  • In Administration - Feedback - Notification, select required category and at the right side you would see agents who would receive notifications, subscribed or not notified. So when this category is selected while submitting topic by user, agents would be notified based on these rules. In 4.0 triggers would handle it in Administration - Automation Rules
  • You can also click on the icon next to the user and it would change the notification status or on settings icon next to user and it would show all categories in popup with notifications options.

Hope it answers your questions.