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Guest shared this question 3 years ago

Where is the german translation?!? Why does the search on your very own website for the keyword german result in only one topic, which is barely relevant, and I have to resort to google to find information in your own tool. Not a very good first impression I'm afraid.

Also, a really shady and very unprofessional business practice is to hide the fact that you have to pay HUGE additional bugs / month to actually use all the features one would think having available while trying out the trial. If I click on pricing, I expect you to show ALL costs, and not present me AFTER the fact that there are "hidden" costs!

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We are launching Addons page with all the details on pricing. It would be available during next 1-2 days for review, so there won't be any confusion.

As of now, on pricing page, you can see exactly what you'll get in Cloud version and Self-Hosted, and what are you going to get as addons.

German translation is at the review process and would be built-in 3.3.2 self-hosted version and during one week for Cloud users.