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Integrating the Support Desk to a Self-hosted WordPress site

Archived ashok kumar 9 years ago

I would like to know the ability of integrating the support desk to WordPress based website. Could anybody tell me if there is a plugin available to integrate the script to WordPress sites?

Not just embedding or bridging. I want the script be integrated, so that there is just one login system for the whole website


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It's possible to integrate UseResponse not just with Wordpress but any system without any plugins

  1. OneLogin (Single Sign On) - will give you ability to make one login form without problems; It's a part of Login Plus module in Corporate package; You just override header.phtml template and put the link to login to wordpress login form;
  2. API - you can grab the data or locate it in UseResponse from the outside with API integration. SDK is available in Developer Manual


Is the OneLogin is available with free version? So that I can use the free version until my other requests (like Social Network integration ) are implemented? I can purchase the corporate license after a while when the script is ready with other features I need



Hello Ashok,

Unfortunately, One login is only available in commercial version only. But with any purchase client get 1 year of free updates.

Be sure that next release will include your requests, as we are already working on them, though release will be only in about 3 months, as we have many things working on like:

  • Socialize - integration with Facebook and Twitter to get feedback right inside them;
  • Incoming Mail - auto post public/private topic via email;
  • Improved design;
  • System Analytics;
  • Extra widgets and forms to integrate;
  • Custom fields in any widgets and forms

So you see we have many things to work on by 2.3 release.

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