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How to remove user

Answered Jirka Menion Mlavec 6 years ago

Good day,

unfortunately, since latest update to 3.4.4, I'm no longer able to find how to delete certain user (spam). Under users detail, under top "options" button is missing "remove/delete" button and I'm almost sure, it was there.

Am I missing something or this option is lost now? If so, may you suggest me method how to remove user with all his posts/topics? Thank You

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Hello Jirka,

We are sorry for the issue. This bug was pushed in the very first day of the release.

Please do the following. Take archive of 3.4.4 at your account on our website and replace whole application/3.4.4 folder on your server.

Then clean system cache and it would work.


Good day Stas,

thanks for answer, no problem! I was just confused as I was sure, this settings was ... somewhere :).

Thank you for fast support, I'll wait on next official release.


The next probably would be 4.0, so you can just replace the whole 3.4.4 folder and delete options would be available

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