How to answer a request without sending the answer directly

Answered Peter M. 7 years ago

In our current helpdesk system one can save an answer to a ticket as a draft and let the draft disappear from the queue until a defined date. We like the feature because we can work on weekends on tickets, which will be send all on the following Monday.

Is there a similar function availabe in UseResponse - without the detour using internal notes?

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We don't have such feature and doubt that we would be able to add it later., as it would affect all the business logic of the system about team performance reports, etc.

We would recommend replying directly to your customers, and I don't see why receiving notification by customer on weekend is a bad idea. This is more positive approach then negative. Any customer would be more than satisfied if his questions are answered the sooner - the better.

In your approach, this feature affects team performance reports and makes support system be not as effective as it should be.


Hello Stas

Thanks for your clear words - I appreciate that very much.




Even though my question is marked as "Answered" I would like to add my point of view:

Stas is absolutely right, when stating, that every customer is happy to get an answer in the shortest time. On the one hand.

On the other hand: If you don't offer a 24/7 support, customers will appreciate predictable time slots for answers. Those time slots are the office hours which we communicate on our website and in every auto reply. Of course, we are working also outside the office hours (as you do, too). But if we send one customer an answer on Sundays, he develops an expectation which we can't meet in the long term.

That is the reason why we save our answers to customer requests from time to time as drafts.

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