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how to add badge to thumbnail?

Archived Honlapszerk 7 years ago

Dear Community,

I have two big problems and I don't seem to be able to find the answers for them, so that's why I need to ask them. Hope somebody can help.

-We would like to add an Under offer/Sold badge to the thumbnail photos' top right corner, in case it is checked in the sheet.

-In the right sidebar there is a search widget. We would like to change it so tha you can write in the reference number to be searched, instead of listing the matches.

Thank you in advance, everyone's help is appreciated.

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So you want to add badge in UseResponse to users thumbnail depending on some parameters of that user?

Please clarify the question about the reference number - do you mean it would be added as custom field and you want it to be searched by users or agents?

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