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How do I organize my private posts, FAQ, and KB items?

Archived Lee Roquet 7 years ago

What ways do you recommend to organize your internal/private articles, posts, FAQ so that our internal team can easily job to content? I was thinking that we could add a top bar tab that you could then organize all private content. Would this work? Could you hide the tab from general users

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Hello Lee,

Top bar won't work to just show all private content from KB, Feedback, Announcement, etc.

Though, agents see private objects and they will always see them in all lists. So any topic, article, FAQs, announcements won't be seen in lists for users, but would be seen for agents.

Also, you can set private categories for Knowledge Base and Topics, so only agents could assign content related to these categories and only agents could filter by that category in lists or reports section. That way you can create report to display topics of private categories and you'll get only private results.

Hope this would work for you



Need your feedback, still testing a few things and want to make sure that I can accomplish my goals for internal search. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I like that you can have the split between internal and external knowledge bases, but the current search reach is a bit limited. If you cannot search across all the record types this becomes kind of a struggle to locate specific internal content.

I created a few posts with custom fields that have key words, but these do not seem to be picked up by the search engine. The only field that the search is picking up is the tags on a post or KB article. I also tagged some FAQ, no return on the search.

I want to make sure that i can use this system to allow my team to quickly search across private and public content. I really want to be able to search across:

  • post title - all types
  • post subject - all types
  • post tags and custom fields - all types
  • KB title
  • KB subject
  • KB tags and custom fields
  • FAQ title
  • FAQ subject
  • FAQ tags and custom fields
  • Ticket titles
  • Ticket subject
  • Ticket tags and custom fields

Also, notices that you cannot tag a ticket. Is this something that can be added in the future?

Once we purchase the software can we edit the search-ability of the current functionality? I think it is very important to be able to search, or maybe have the option to search in more detail (see GetSat advanced search options attached) As we work to build out our community I want to make sure that we can organize our knowledge and workflow around keeping our content clean and easy to find.

If we can customize the search, great. If we cannot then can I suggest some work be started to tie the search at least across the different content types for tags, subject, and main body search keyword.

Look forward to your comments...


Hello Lee,

In 3.2.2 you can tag tickets, so it's no more a problem. You just have 3.2.1 in demo, so with license it would work.

By default, search works with Titles, descriptions, tags of topics, articles, FAQs.

Custom fields are not searchable. The best way here is to use - Tags. It has high priority in search + is used for additional grouping of objects, so could be filtered or selected in Reports. Custom Fields though, are not searchable, but could be used in filter or Report.

There is no problem to extend search options with custom module like GS has it. We just don't incorporate it, as Reports section with saved reports solves most of the issues to select almost any type of data, but in general, search will work in most cases, except characters with 3 symbols or when DB has only few objects that is not enough for full text search.

You can experiment with our community search to see if there are any problems.

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