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Hosting the Use Response Servces/Application?

Archived Doug Lopp 8 years ago

When integrating our web application with the use response feedback widget, does the widget interact with a public service in the cloud or do we host the application/services by installing Use Response in our IT domain locally and interact the widget with that installed software? make sense?

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Everything is installed on your server and all widgets interacts with application installed on your server. No cloud services are used.

If widget is located on some website, and useresponse is installed on your local server, then website should be behind firewall of your local server where ur is installed in order to parse the data and display it to all users.

Though, we recommend, that UseResponse is located on public server or local server opened to public, so users could get into system directly.


Thanks for clearing that up. In our case, we want to limit the first phase to our online banking customers who have authenticated (logged in already).

- When customer is using one of our online banking web applications, we want a widget incorporated into the application so that a customer can provide feedback (limit to ideas, likes, etc.).

- The widget could be our own javascript that hopefully can leverage your API's to the installed use response server. Is this possible?

- Would also want feedback moderated and if accepted, an email notification sent.

- We would want to track any accepted idea for actual use in future online banking appliation releases.




You can create your own widget using API without problems on your JS. We have moderation module for moderation purposes.

Tracking ideas could be done with subscriptions and statuses. Also all filtering could be done in profile on subscribed, voted, commented, etc topics.


We've recently launched our Cloud service. So all those who couldn't install self-hosted version, can use Cloud option.

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