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General questions concerning UR

Archived Jussi Jeskanen 7 years ago


I am looking to found a helpdesk solution to our ActiveCollab. UseResponse looks quite a nice solution. I have a one question that I don't understand. So is it possible to open some helpdesk email address and receive all the coming questions by using that one?

For example

A customer have a question and he send it email address This message goes to useresponse (activecollab). This question will be answered by using activecollab admin panel (useresponse section) and this customer will get answer to this email.

Also what I am wondering is that do you have some admin section for chat inside activecollab? Most important is that I want to use only activecollab and everything what comes to useresponse needs to work inside of it.

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Hello Jussi,

To open ticket via email you need to have UseResponse 3.0.2 and higher, but it has no integration with activecollab yet.

Though, in 2.3.10 release there is integration module of UseResponse with activecollab, so you can track anything from UseResponse system inside ac.


hi,Stas Kuzma

Did you have any plan for upgrade integration module of UseResponse 3.x with activecollab


Hello Eric,

As of now, we don't have plans to upgrade integration with activecollab, sorry. Maybe in future, but as we already have ticketing system, there is no point to integrate just with aC. We'll do universal integration with many services this year and it could be used by almost any 3rd party system. No details as of now.

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