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Chat Widget on UR installation?

Archived jasperisu 8 years ago

Hi there

your Chat Widget is visible on , but not on

would it be possible to add the chat widget to my own installation of UR, or only to an external website?

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You can use Chat widget at as many locations as you'd like on any domain or website.

P.S. If you have so many questions, it would be more reasonable to use search here or contact us in chat.


hi Stas.


was doing marathon research today, to see if UR is a good option for a few projects im running.

Didnt find the answers to my questions easily. I thought it would be better for your community if id ask every question seperately, and well tagged & explained, so the next customer (and your SEO) will also benefit from them.

And even though your product is very well priced, its still a big bulk of money for a few licences.. better do good research beforehand

Not disapointed yet, though :) UR has improved a lot since last year, and it seems well worth the money, compared with competitors


Thank you... We are working on it to make UR even better, as we about 50 tweaks, total rebuilt architecture and much more.

With several licenses you get discount. You can see it on order page by clicking on volume discount link.

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