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Better Control Email Notifications on New Topics

Stas Kuzma shared this idea 7 years ago

In the system, all off. representatives and admins receive notifications on every new topic even if they are not subscribed. The only limit is to switch off notifications at all if they relate to specific category marked at representative profile settings.

There should be better way to control who receives notifications on new topics following these rules:

  1. Admin can make several users from off. representatives to be responsible for specific category or if no category is selected for new topic;
  2. When there are set number of users who will receive notifications on new topics in defined categories, there will be also option to automatically subscribe these users to the topics, in order for representatives to no do it manually;
  3. If such checkbox (auto-subscribe) is not marked next to this user, no-one receive notification on this topic after creation, unless subscribed to it manually. Though, if it's marked... admins will be notified about each action in all topics, as they are subscribed on each new topic, unless they stop following it and it will reflect in their profile activity;
  4. Subscription (Follow) could be done with the help of several actions: leave comment, vote, be responsible, create topic, subscribe manually [could be done in email by clicking on link, on topic page]
  5. Integrate extra feature to set responsible for the topic, send reminder, or subscribe specific users to the topic.

This way, 2 scenarios are covered without bumping with emails all representatives:

  • When one or several admins redistribute topics in system for other representatives;
  • When all admins and representatives are notified on new actions.

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