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Ability to search for a KB article while working a post/ticket and link them together....

Archived Lee Roquet 8 years ago

One of the key elements of the KCS model is the concept of re-use. Re-use is important as it allows you as the community team to measure community health, keep your KB sorted and clean, and help your team find the most relevant content quickly. You also use the re-use numbers to help archive unused KB articles, feature KB articles with high numbers, create new FAQs, build new content around trending topics, and use your top re-use trending knowledge to create training campaigns to help pull in more community users.

Couple of things to think about for the future:

Idea 1 - It would be really helpful to be able to link KB articles to posts and tickets. This could be a new module that is turned on if you are wanting to implement the KCS framework. The ability to search for a KB solution while working on a post/ticket would improve workflow and help with the all important re-use numbers. Currently you have to review a post, then search which takes you away, and then you have to copy the link of a KB article that you want to share with a customer using a link, and then you move on. If you could search for a KB article solution and link it to the post/ticket you can start to auto-rank your KB articles based on relevance due to the number of re-use trends...think of re-use as your KB votes.

Idea 2 - if that is too much of a leap for the first pass then think about having a KB-ID number that is visible on the KB article: say KB ID 100. This is a system generated number that can be used as a tracking number, or let the KB owner define the number range in the admin section. This ID can then be linked to a post or ticket and give you the ability to get your re-use numbers by creating reports that help you rank and trend KB usage and success.

Anyway, thanks for listening. The KCS model is well adopted globally as one of the best ways to organize knowledge and improve support workflows. Glad to help map out more of a workflow if you need it.

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