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Paul Wilson shared this question 22 days ago

For the User Icon and name which appears on the menu to the right. I wanted to know what the number shown represents?

Also is there a way to add an item into the menu that appears under here within settings?

Or it needs to be added via JS?

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Hi Paul,

I assume you're talking about Statistics in the user profile where you can see the number of requests the user is subscribed to, the number of topics (tickets, chats) he is the author of, how many comments, and votes he left in the community.


Please clarify what you'd like to add in the user profile and the exact location of it.




Hi LIza

No, I'm talking about the below image where it has the member and a bubble with a counter within it.

Also is there a way to add an items into this sub-menu via the settings area?

OR it needs to be added in via JS?



Hi Paul,

It's the number of votes each community member has for a stated period of time. You have enabled the Votes Plus app that's why you see this counter.

Please refer to the article for more details about Advanced Voting System - Alerts, Limits & Close Voting

There is no setting in the system to add new items to the user setting list.

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