Setting up Skype as Support Channel

Setting up a bot in Skype to connect to UseResponse will require some time, as you would need first to set up Microsoft account, and resources section in Azure. For information refer to the below section on how to make it.

How to Create Account in Microsoft Azure
  • Go to start page of Azure Environment
  • Click on Start Free
  • You will need to enter your miscrosoft business or personal account. If you don't have it, please create it on further steps
  • Once you've signed in with microsoft id, you'll need to create Azure account
  • You can start for free. Though you'll be asked to enter credit card which won't be charged, unless you use specific services like technical support, etc. Just refuse on any options advised before entering azure environment;
  •  Once signed up to Azure environment, continue with creating Skype bot

  Note: As of October 31, 2019 the Skype service for new Bot creating is deprecated. But previously connected Skype bots will continue to run uninterrupted.

Setup Skype Bot in Azure

When you have created an account in Microsoft Azure, you will enter the Azure environment.  Go to All Resources and click Create Resources

In the search field enter "bot" and select Bot Channels Registration

  • Enter unique Bot name
  • Then click "Create new" next to the Resource group field and enter the unique name of the resource group
  • Select free F0 option in the pricing tier
  • Bypass entering Messaging endpoint
  • Turn off Application Insights
  • Leave auto-create app id and password
  • Hit create button

Once the resource is created select it in the list and go to Settings. In the settings, you need to click Manage next to Microsoft App ID

Generate New Password and copy it along with Application Id somewhere as you will need it later

At the bottom of the page uncheck Live SDK support and Save all changes

In UseResponse go to Administration » Applications and enable Skype. In Administration » Support Channels click New » Skype at the top right and enter title, App ID, App Password that you've saved on previous step and click Submit.

Once submitted, you will get Messegaing endpoint URL that you'll need on the next step.

Go back to Azure, and in Settings that Icon to your company logo, add description and add messaging endpoint from your previous step.

Then click Save.

Go to Channels, select Skype as featured channels

On new page click on publish, validate required fields and save it.

Once saved, you will have Skype channel in your Live Chat widget setup completely and can accept all requests from Skype in your UseResponse environment.

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