Android SDK & Standard UI

Android SDK is not final but already could be used by customers and located here

We support SDK only in Enterprise plan.

Configuration of all modules and URLs are located in useresponseui/src/main/assets/config.json.

You need at least to change baseUrl there to your own one.

Integration of useresponseapi (SDK)

File -> New -> New Module -> Import .JAR/.AAR package -> Choose File -> Next -> Finish

Enable Standard UI (useresponseui)

Copy directory useresponseui into root directory of your app.

Add dependency from useresponseui in your app. There are two ways:

  • In file app/build.gradle in dependencies add the following line implementation project(':useresponseui');
  • In File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> app -> Dependencies -> Add -> Module Dependency -> useresponseui

Using Activities (New Intent)

All Articles/FAQs

import com.useresponse.useresponseui.ArticlesActivity;

Intent intent = new Intent(this, ArticlesActivity.class);

intent.putExtra("type", "article"); // optional. article or faq


Articles/FAQs grouped by category

import com.useresponse.useresponseui.CategoriesActivity;

Intent intent = new Intent(this, CategoriesActivity.class);

intent.putExtra("type", "article"); // optional. article or faq



import com.useresponse.useresponseui.RequestsActivity;

Intent intent = new Intent(this, RequestsActivity.class);


Authentication of Users

Execute the code before you call one of our layouts, in other words during app initialization:

import com.useresponse.sdk.api.Api;

import com.useresponse.sdk.api.IdentityData;

IdentityData identity = new IdentityData("sso_token", "");




where sso_token is dynamically generated SHA256 hash of the string that includes only the user's email and security token. Example: To get a security token, please enable OneLogin method in Administration » Login Plus » Single Sign-On and grab Security Key from Integration Details. If you don't want to use Single Sign-On login, please disable it.

Custom UI

All styles are defined in useresponse/src/main/res/values/styles.xml.

Here is the code example of how to use styles for interface customization:

<style name="UrFormText">
    <item name="android:textColor">#008800</item>
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