Categories for canned responses

Kris shared this idea 2 years ago

Nice to have - categories for canned responses. I now have a pretty long list of canned responses. It would be nice to be able to categorize them so they were easier to find when replying.

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Great idea. We'll come up with the solution in next release


Hi, Julia,

thank your for sharing the idea. It's a planned feature

We understand that this feature is vital for you as you have too many canned responses.

We'll discuss internally the timeline for its implementation and the ability to search within canned responses.

I'll keep you informed on these requests.

Thank you.


Great news. This idea is in progress due to high number of private requests along with the idea to be popular among our customers.

We would try to complete it and push live in the next release that is coming soon.

Julia, you can add your canned responses and after upgrade, you would be able just to categorize them.

There would be feature to categorize, search, and import canned responses.



Now categories for canned responses are available in 4.3 release that we've pushed live today. New categories could be added in Manage - Canned Responses.

By clicking Canned Responses on the full object page you can select required template. In order to find necessary response easier when replying, use search option. It's available if there are more than 10 responses per ticket or topic.

Detailed information could be found here.

Thank you for sharing great idea with us.