Update UseResponse 2.3.x to 3.

Make sure you have the latest 2.3.11 release. If you don't have it, please use Auto-Update option or  manual update.

Also, make backup of all folders and files and database before next step.

Download 3.x Files

Login to your profile and go to  My Licenses page in our community. All files and folders are in archive.

Working with folders

Before processing, please save to your local computer or backup somewhere, the following from FTP Server of UseResponse installation:

  • application/configs/application.inc
  • public/files (entire folder)

Now you need to delete all files and folders in useresponse installation and do the following:

  • Upload all files and folders from archive to your UseResponse directory;
  • Move all folders and files from backed up /files folder into /public folder on server, so that all files and folders will be located in /public directory.

Writable Folders

Make sure you have following folders writable (755 or 777 permission) and files writable (644 or 666). Permissions are various on different servers, otherwise update script below will prompt you about that.

  • /application
  • /cache
  • /configs and all files inside
  • /custom
  • /public/ and all files and folders inside
  • /static
  • /work

Update Configuration File

Since 3.x release, configuration file is changed, and you need to transfer your current settings into new config.

Attached here you'll find archive with config.php that you need to extract and put via FTP into /configs folder of your new installation. Transfer from saved locally application.inc to config.php the following settings:

  • All database settings;
  • BaseURL (put URL where system is installed)

After that delete application.inc file.

Update Database

Go to your community update script by adding /upgrade in URL to your UseResponse installation URL. (Example: If UseResponse is installed in www.domain.com/useresponse, then you need to enter www.domain.com/useresponse/upgrade)

Enter admin credentials and continue update.

Attention: if you experienced problems with update script, please  report us a problem in community on which step your update failed or what error you get after update.

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